What is the Capoeira Project?

Our current project here at Mantarei is the Capoeira Project and it involves a number of fantastic things.

A little background on Ronald and I is probably necessary about here. We are both infatuated with capoeira and have been for a long time. Before Reianna, I trained capoeira for roughly 8 years on and off. I loved it! It has music, it has dance, it has acrobatics, it has self defence, it has history and culture – perfect fit for me and most people I would think! I loved it even more that it included all ages and all skill levels. And […]

Vancouver Folk Festival with IWearTheHeadress


We are super excited to have a booth at the Vancouver Folk Festival this July 18-20th down at Jericho Beach! Sharing our booth will be Sarah from I Wear The Headress (iwth) selling her unique accessories.

iwth is a local, original brand that was born out of owner and designer Sarah Shabacon’s desire to create and inspire. Each piece is handmade in Vancouver Canada, the fabric is selected by hand, the designs are carefully chosen and what Sarah strives for is to create beautiful pieces that her customers are proud to wear. IWEARTHEHEADRESS is now a global brand that ships worldwide […]

Futbol initiative

Next weekend we will be selling our custom made shirts at the Vancouver Folk Festival. They are made from an amazing dry-fit material that is best for when you’re at the beach in the summer or if you’re working out. The shirts dry quick and are light weight – perfect for the athlete in us all!

There’s something even more special about the tanks and hoodies…
We will provide a soccer ball for a child in a disadvantaged community in Thailand for every product purchased.

Sport has the unique power to attract, mobilize and inspire. It is inherently about participation, inclusion and citizenship. This […]

Training capoeira as a mom

I trained capoeira with Aché Brasil in Vancouver for roughly 8 years before I had Reianna and thought it was time to say good-bye and start up yoga – I’m always trying to be more flexible!

For those of you who don’t know, capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that has elements of dance, acrobatics, kicks, music, culture and history. The training is pretty intense and is dominated by the youth. Yet, it takes most people upwards of about 10 years to be considered any good in the capoeira world.

Right before I had Reianna I was training a lot and teaching the children and intro […]