Poker playing women

Does anyone say that poker is not for women anymore? That it’s a man’s game? If they came to Alaska and met my family they would see games dominated by women where the men go to bed early and the women stay up gambling while discussing the latest family gossip!

In my family the women are strong, independent, loud and out play the men in poker any day of the week! Our Alaska trip of 6 nights/7 days, consisted of 5 nights of poker. The family games usually started after dinner as everyone cleaned the table and replaced dinner plates […]

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Travelling with kids: Tips


Even though I’ve been flying with Reianna a lot, it doesn’t seem to be getting easier, I’m just more prepared I think and realistic for what to expect. This trip to Alaska got me thinking, just how much have I travelled with Rei? So I sat down and counted up Reianna’s travel history over the past 3 years 2 1/2 months. Just counting flights, she has a total of 12 trips on airplanes – 6 domestic and 6 international.

Things that I have learned travelling with Reianna…


For mom:

Dress in layers for the long haul, but nothing to tip off that […]


I haven’t wrote for awhile and that is because Reianna and I left Daddy home and headed to Alaska last week for my aunt’s wedding. Now that we’re heading home, the week feels like a blur and I’m missing my aunts and cousins already! Weddings are a tradition that make you think. After the wedding and the hoopla of the actual day and all the planning, it was over so quickly that I wonder what’s the point. So much time, money spent on everyone’s part from plane tickets to hotels to flowers and momentos, effort for people to organize, […]

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S-Dobrado is Asuka

Our current Capoeira Project involves a number of fantastic things. The first being the A-Zs of capoeira commercial. We shot the second letter today, not of the alphabet, but of our sessions. It happens to be the letter “S” for S Dobrado. We worked with Stephanie Pineyro, known as ‘Asuka’ in the capoeira world. She is an amazing capoeirista, training capoeira for 8 years with Mestre Eclilson De Jesus of Aché Brasil. She also trains Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and is an avid traveller. A woman of the world, born and raised in Mexico City, she came to Vancouver, Canada […]