OUFF! trailer

This fall I wrote about an epic weekend spent with the artistic duo known as OUFF! (click here to read the previous article) We hit an abandoned school that was being torn down to make way for more condo developments armed with spray paint, ladders and cameras!

The first day saw OUFF! painting mantarei for us on one wall. The animation and video of taking a blank wall and turning it into a colourful, gorgeous tag will become a video in itself! We had tons of people come out and support. Family members from Delta, Port Coquitlam, Edmonton and Burnaby came by to […]


Hello world.

We’ve been a little absent lately and I want to assure you that it was for good cause! We’ve recently moved back into the Mount Pleasant area of Vancouver and for those of you who don’t know, September is gorgeous in Vancouver! In addition to moving into our new place, cleaning it, renovating it, moving in and painting – doing everything possible to make it seem like she never had anyone else living in her except us! In addition to all that we also had a visitor from Australia – Aunty Hannah! We’ve become tourists in our own […]

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Tap dancing grandma

Casey Neistat’s grandma was a rockette and still teaches over 70 students annually at 92 years of age!

I could probably stop writing right there. That in itself is inspirational and a great intro to the video. I came across this video and it inspired me and put a warm and fuzzy smile on my heart. I hope that I’m just as active at 92 and have a feeling that her being so active lends to her being so healthy at 92! To have such passion and to keep working kids seems to keep you young.

I hope you all enjoy […]


What is Mantarei? It’s our family, our film, our daughter, our lifestyle. It’s pretty much the name that tries to summarize who we are and what we do. A great image of what it is we’re trying to achieve, as abstract as it can be, came about this weekend. Arts, collaboration, family, friends, film, creativity, BBQ…

It all started less than two weeks ago when I reconnected with some old friends, Matt and Xara. We met them for coffee, which turned into lunch because we were so excited talking to each other about what we were up to and what […]

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