Tap dancing grandma

Casey Neistat’s grandma was a rockette and still teaches over 70 students annually at 92 years of age!

I could probably stop writing right there. That in itself is inspirational and a great intro to the video. I came across this video and it inspired me and put a warm and fuzzy smile on my heart. I hope that I’m just as active at 92 and have a feeling that her being so active lends to her being so healthy at 92! To have such passion and to keep working kids seems to keep you young.

I hope you all enjoy […]


What is Mantarei? It’s our family, our film, our daughter, our lifestyle. It’s pretty much the name that tries to summarize who we are and what we do. A great image of what it is we’re trying to achieve, as abstract as it can be, came about this weekend. Arts, collaboration, family, friends, film, creativity, BBQ…

It all started less than two weeks ago when I reconnected with some old friends, Matt and Xara. We met them for coffee, which turned into lunch because we were so excited talking to each other about what we were up to and what […]

Batizado e Troca de Cordas

Batizado comes from the Portuguese word “baptism” and following in the tradition of this spiritual word, people are baptized into the world of capoeira when they receive their first belt. The Troca de Cordas is ‘changing of the belts’ and represents students moving their way up in the capoeira world.
Congratulations to all the students playing capoeira and learning more about this wonderful art! This weekend past the students of Aché Brasil came together to celebrate their hard work and effort by putting on a great show, showcasing their talent in the capoeira world and playing with visiting capoeiristas.
The Batizado […]

Alberta trip 2014

This video shows our recent trip to Alberta. It has a lot of stuff packed into it with tons of detail if you look carefully. I notice something new every time I watch it. Like when Manteiga is jumping on his hands you can see his reflection in the back mirror. Or when Ronald is showing the quadcopter, the picture-in-picture in the corner is showing Ronald showing the quadcopter at the same time. I hope you like the video and feel free to leave any comments or questions below. Our adventure began with the reggae festival that we booked about a […]